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startups love us
startups love us

Our projects are varied: illustrations, ebooks, web apps, product launches, branding, websites, the list goes on...

Our clients are varied as well. But they all have one thing in common: they're startups—companies who have small teams but big dreams. Just like us.

SaaS, Analytics
Anything and everything marketing related. Highlights include branding, web design, product launches, onboarding flows, emails, content, and social media. We also made our first ebook with them
SaaS, Productvity
Biggest accomplishment: the robot mascot. Additional work includes a redesign of the web app (and onboarding flow), a spiced up landing page, and a productivity report to attract new leads
SaaS, Product Management
product board
On the marketing side, we created several ebooks and social graphics. Internally, we did some fun illustrations to get the team jazzed about new initiatives
We gave this engineer-targeted tool a website redesign, complete with illustrations to match the theme for each page
SaaS, Scheduling
Sales can be tough. That's why the marketing team at this scheduling startup asked us for help writing and designing case studies
Tech, Talent Agency
Nothing helps a content series shine like branded illustrations on custom backgrounds
Home Warranty
From scroll-stopping social media posts to an app launch, see how we helped this home warranty startup level up their marketing
FinTech, SaaS
fathom hq
When this reporting and financial analysis app was looking to target creatives, they knew they needed ads with a little more personality

i'm a delight. just ask SaaS thought leader wes bush

not to brag, but we've worked on some pretty cool things with some even cooler people

Mekkie has been great to work with, from her creativity to her communication—it was a breeze getting exactly what we needed. She has a great understanding of how to create dynamic visually-rich assets that your audience will love. Mekkie made collaboration fun and easy, but took the lead where I needed her expertise.
sandy mangat
VP Growth & Marketing @Charli
Mekkie is an exceptional visual communicator who is skilled at engaging a wide variety of demos. She conveys even the most complicated brand messaging in a way that engages the ideal customer. Would highly recommend!
derek skaletsky
CEO @Sherlock
Mekkie has been fantastic to work with! She's exceptionally quick with feedback cycles and is always willing to try something new. We've never worked with an illustrator before, so having Mekkie to guide us and ask the right questions has been critical to the success of our new content series
faith benson
Director of Growth Marketing
We did marketing design in-house, which was ok for starting out. But then, as we grew, we needed someone to do it better. Enter Mekkie
rabin nuchtabek
Chief Growth Engineer @Skedify
Mekkie makes it feel like she's part of your team. She took the time to understand our goals and produced a high quality ebook that involved interviews, editorial, design and project management whilst keeping us in the loop and allowing to contribute at every step. We were so impressed with Mekkie's work that she is now our go-to person for various marketing projects.
tadas labudis
CEO @Prodsight
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mekkie gets results

Her combination of design skills and SaaS marketing strategy make it easy for her to see the big picture. Her deep knowledge of demand generation and lifecycle marketing almost guarantee that her recommendations will yield results.
Mitchell Salva, 
Content Marketing Manager @Stackify

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